What We Do

Your office space says alot about you. It is an expression or statement of your company. It is the image you present to your clients and an atmosphere you create for your employees. The process of selecting office space must be effectively managed as it will provide the environment for collaboration, creativity and inspiration to employees. We assist clients in developing and implementing creative real estate solutions by utilizing various services for the delivery of workspace. The distinct high quality of the firm’s work results from the practice that each real estate solution is a singular response to a specific client’s set of unique project criteria and conditions. The driving principle behind our approach is the managed integration of resources to ensure that the most optimal results are achieved for our clients.


  • Acquisition Services – Lease
  • Acquistion Services – Purchase
  • Lease/Sale Dispositions
  • Lease Renewals
  • Expansions/Consolidations
  • Lease Restructuring
  • Lease Buyouts


“We have a 20 year history with Brown, having worked on multiple transactions. He built our North American Corporate Headquarters, and sold the building in a down market at a price well above market.”

Janice Johnson